Themed wallpapers to make your home friendly and colorful

The first thing we do when we decorate or redecorate our home is to think of a new color for the walls. We always feel the need to change the ambiance and the color of the walls is the easiest way. But there are also other ways of doing that and they can be even more successful. Wallpapers have become more and more popular because they are very easy to use and they completely change the décor and the atmosphere. We have selected today a very special type of wallpapers.These are the creations of Catalina Estrada. It’s a series of themed wallpapers that illustrate different images and recreate certain stories.

Tiger nature statement wallpaper muralView in gallery

The wallpapers have a very unusual style. They seem traditional but they also have several modern elements. The images are stylized and sometimes reinterpreted while the colors are classical. The images are very elaborate, even though they represent a simple theme.This type of approach is not something that anyone would like. It’s something special, something unusual. Moreover, the wallpapers represent designs for different categories. Some of them have playful themes borrowed from children’s books.

Bird garden girl illustrative wallpaper muralView in gallery

Bright modern floral wallpaperView in gallery

Illustrative wallpaper designView in gallery

Large print floral wallpaper Catalina EstradaView in gallery

Little red riding hood wallpaper muralView in gallery

Notice the one with the Little Red Riding Hood. It doesn’t show the classical image but it’s definitely reminiscent of this theme. The big bad wolf also completes the whole image.

Owls plants nature wallpaper freeze mural designView in gallery

Red blue diamond heart bird wallpaper designsView in gallery

Red blue diamond heart bird wallpaper designsView in gallery

Red yellow wallpaperView in gallery

There are a lot of different designs to choose from. Some of them are an attempt to bring you closer to nature while others are more playful. Of course, you can always find traditional patterns as well. The wallpapers impress with their vibrant colors and characters. In this collection there’s something for everybody. All you have to do is find it.