Themed Rooms: Movie Night

Fun family nights filled with popcorn and movies, everyone needs a cozy, homey spot to kick back, relax and catch up with the tube. Blankets and comfortable seating are a must for creating the most perfect “movie night” room, but there are some other great ways to transform a bonus room, living room or extra bedroom into the most magical, most fun room of the house! Take a look!

1. Add some curtains to the screen.

Modern media room with striped colors

Give your movie space that extra, magical flair by adding curtains to the TV screen. Golds and burgundies are the classic color choices. Then add some pull-back tassels, fringe and make sure the fabric is of a plush, velvety genre. When it’s time for the big premiere, slide them back to reveal your big flat screen! It’ll just be an extra way to add that bit of movie-esque appeal to the area.

2. Add a candy and snack corner.

Modern media room with striped colors

Turn a nook into a snack corner. Fill the space with everyone’s favorite box of candy! Add an air popcorn machine that will not only create that yummy, fresh popcorn smell but it’s everyone’s favorite movie snack! Make sure you have a small fridge to hold all the soda too!

3. Add some movie chairs!

Modern media room with striped colors

Do you have the itch to splurge? Well splurge on some comfy, movie chairs for the movie room. This will help that movie theatre theme come full circle and the entire family will love them. Cup holders and the ability to recline, just makes family movie night that much more enjoyable, don’t you think?

4. Add some movie poster – old or new!

Modern media room with striped colors

Whether you love vintage movies or love every action film since 2005, movie posters only help to enhance the movie magic theme. Get them framed and use them as wall art! Use everyone’s favorite movie as wall art or go by a color scheme you love. This is where you can get a little creative.

5. Add some tickets and reels!

Modern media room with striped colors

It could be wall art or just some fun little do dads to decorate the corners of the room with! Stuff some of your old ticket stubs in a jar or hang up some film reels up on the wall. You may even want to frame some of those favorite movie tickets of yours for some fun, DIY wall art! This is another way to add your own creative touch to the space, as long as you keep it thematic and cinematic!

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