Themed Rooms: Disney Inspired Spaces

From Princesses to the classic Mickey Mouse, the entire world loves the magic of Disney. And what’s great about Disney, is the spread of themes and inspiration you can get just by flipping through the channels, popping in your favorite animated feature film or visiting one of their amazing theme parks!

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The music, the color, the adventure – it’s perfect for a fun and creative style. So, whether you decide to deck out your kids’ room in all things Monsters Inc. or use the Magic Kingdom as inspiration for your craft you, there’s nothing wrong with using Disney as the go-to guide for creating a magical space in your home!

1. Classic Disney.

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A great, classic color combination like black, red and white paired with the classic Disney characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, make for a fun guest bedroom! Don’t overload the space with kitschy pieces, no one likes a overdone theme. Instead, Use the timeless shades as a foundation and then add your Disney-inspired accents. Some simple wall art and a lamp could be just what you need!

2. Funky Bathrooms.

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It could be the kids’ bathroom or even the guests’! Think about making your smallest bathroom, your funkiest and funniest. Use your favorite Disney characters, like the aliens from Toy Story, to create a lively, youthful space to wash your hands before dinner.{image from PirateAndPrincesspalace}.

3. Princess Bedrooms.

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What little girl doesn’t want a Disney princess bedroom to hang out in, play in, dress up in and have friends over in? It’s the ultimate dress and with so many outlets to find decor from, it’s incredibly easy to do. Some pink paint, canopy beds and lots of princess decals make this an easy, breezy creation.

4. Magic Family Rooms.

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A family room should be just that: for the family. So, if you’re all lovers of Disney dreams, then show a little love to the family living room! A giant piece of Disney art to hang above the mantle, lots of throw pillows and blankets covered in everyone’s favorite characters or theme parks. It’s a subtle, stylish and fun way to pay homage to a family favorite.

5. Retro Disney Kitchen.

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You can even adorn your kitchen is Disney chic style. There’s something timeless and quite retro about “quintissential” Disney items. Mickey hands, red shorts and black mousey silhouettes, they’re great decor pieces and look great paired with some dinerware for a small kitchen!