Themed Rooms: Beautiful, Sexy Parisian Rooms

It’s intriguing. It’s romantic. Parisian style always looks like it’s holding a mystery that we’re never allowed to find out. Unless, you’re French of course. Fortunately, we can be a part of the mysterious intrigue too, just by a little redecorating. Farmhouse details, grandiose accents, luxurious fabrics and wondrously feminine colors all are favorite of the French style. So, let’s look at some real life example of beautiful, sexy Parisian rooms.

1. Modern Parisian.

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A classic black and white pair, mixed with just a bit of an artsy detail can combine to make the perfectly posh and modern Parisian bedroom. Chandeliers always help too, even if they’re more subtle. Just imagine looking out that window right at the Eiffel Tower. And notice the tiny, gold accents? That’s quintessential Parisian class.

2. Eclectic Parisian.

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When you can’t decide which part of the French style you like, throw them all together to create a free, eclectic room. The tufted sofa, buts of black and white, maybe even some cameo art on the walls, it’s all Parisian in design. Don’t forget a fun chandelier and bits of intricately designed gold accents to sprinkle throughout as well.

3. Aged Parisian.

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Sometimes the best Parisian pieces are ones that look like they’ve been around for a while. If you find a daybed with a lot of personality in a beautiful jeweled color (of course you can reupholster) then this will give you an instantly, aged French look. Balance out the room with some more of your favorite Parisian-inspired accents to complete the vision.

4. Boutique Parisian.

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Of course you can create a room, preferably your home office, to look like a beautiful Parisian boutique. With soft tones and a bit of Damask design, you’ll be able to start decorating a space that replicates one of your favorite daydreams, walking the streets of Paris and popping into all the wonderful shoppes along the way.

5. Farmhouse Parisian.

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Lots of people think of the quaint and cozy farmhouse inspiration when they think of Parisian flair. Warm tones, rustic home accessories – it’s a great idea to create a kitchen around. Some french door cabinets, wooden layouts and some bistro stools can start the magic.

6. Luxurious Parisian.

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Now when I think Parisian, I think luxury. Smooth silks, glitz, glamor and sparkle. It’s all a part of the magic of Paris! Silvery palettes and gorgeous lighting help to create that sexy, romantic atmosphere. And the right fabrics and colors help to create the rich, luxurious ambiance.

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