The Youth Republic Office Interior Design From An Older Atelier Building

This is the Youth Republic office. It was designed by Turkish design studio KONTRA and it’s located in Istanbul. The office was originally an old atelier building. It was a 1300 square meter space that was then turned into a contemporary office for a youth agency with nine departments. For the interior design, the prestigious architecture firm KONTRA was contacted.

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The entrance to the office features a 6-meter high ceiling. It’s a large space with rusty metal plates so it might not seem very welcoming at first. Inside, the office is colorful and bright. It’s a youthful space with a friendly look. The inspiration for the team was the “Stay Young” motto. The office was designed as a space that facilitates interaction and encourages creativity and concentration. The offie features a meeting point in the middle. It’s a space decorated with a table and a series of chairs and it’s usually used for brainstorming activities.

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The office features an open floor plan. It’s an airy and spacious area with colorful furniture and friendly atmosphere. There are several work areas for individual teams as well as meeting points where the teams can share idea on the blackboards. The design team used raw materials to reflect the company’s principle. The company specializes in transforming abstract ideas into concrete ones and their office had to reflect that fact. In order to create a relaxing work environment, tangerine trees are places between the tables. They provide a fresh atmosphere for the employees and they also add color to the décor.