The Yallingup Residence in Western Australia

Yallingup Residence is one of the latest projects of Wright Feldhusen Architects. Located in Yallingup, as its name suggests, in the South West corner of Western Australia, this dream house is surrounded by an extensive landscaped garden.

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Set on a green coastal spot and offering some spectacular views, this wonderful house is a response to a request for a peaceful, rural, holiday retreat. Combining stone, metal, wood and glass, the Yallingup Residence was created for the enjoyment and relaxation of its inhabitants.

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Intended to house the client and his family, the internal layout was designed to be open and airy. As you can see, it has an open floor plan living and dining area with kitchen, and is located in a large glassed pavilion, making the most of the superb views. Moreover the cantilevered roof and the big balcony shelter the house from the intensive sunshine, while the glass walls let in a lot of natural light.

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A series of external living areas are placed under the large roof overhang. Underneath, a stone bedroom suite is nestled in the hill, next to more bedrooms. Furthermore, as the client was in steel fabrication industry, it seemed natural to use steel in the building’s construction base.

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The Yallingup Residence is a gorgeous, modern house that leaves you speechless. With a great connection between the outside and inside, this home is a first class property.