The XI shelf by Gonçalo Campos

This is a beautiful and very practical design for a storage unit. It’s called XI and it’s a simple and very versatile shelf design. It’s a bookshelf that was designed to be assembled like a game. It requires no screws, no tools and no muscles. It’s such a simple and yet such a practical design.

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The XI shelf was created by Gonçalo Campos. It’s one of the most relevant examples of elegant functionality. The name of the shelf is pretty transparent. It comes from the shape of this unit. Like the shelf itself, the name is simple and speaks for itself.The XI shelf unit is composed of two parts that are connected with simple slots. Together they have a sturdy and durable construction. The two parts represent the two letters from the name. The “X” part provides the structural integrity of the shelf while the “I” part seems to lean on the first one. The second one contributes to the design and dynamic of the final design.


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What’s also particularly interesting is that the shelves are engraved with numbers and letters. These are in fact the instructions needed for the assembly process. This way you’ll know exactly where each piece needs to go. Moreover, the numbers and letters can also help organize the books. It will be like a mini-library. Each shelf has a code.

Wewood XI shelf2

Wewood XI shelf3

The modern design of the shelves is also unusual and intriguing. It’s exactly what a modern home needs to stand out. It’s simple but it’s also eye-catching. The unit has a natural color but it could also be painted for a more dramatic effect. It would look nice in the living room, on the hallway, bedroom, office and basically anywhere else.