The X Residence by Agraz Architects

This is the X House, a residence designed by Guadalajara, Mexico-based Agraz Architects. Because the house sits on a corner shaped terrain, a different solution was required when building it. The X House was also adjacent to another house project of the same firm so the architects were able to establish an architectural dialogue between the two structures.

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The terrain was divided into three similar size areas. One area was turned into the garden patio with a small tree line plaza that turns into an extension for the kitchen. Also, the living and dining areas sit on that part of the plot. The middle area is occupied by the central stairway that goes from the basement to the second floor. The third area was occupied by the studio, the bathroom and the main entrance.

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The first floor of the house is the living, dining and kitchen area and has retractable windows. The second floor is divided into three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and dressing room, plus a main bedroom. The X House is a simple structure made of concrete, marble and metal. It’s a modern residence with a simple and practical interior design. The exterior is actually the most impressive part. There’s really not much to say about the interior, except that it’s minimalist, modern and functional.