The World’s Most Expensive Bed

Made of Ebony, Sapele and Curly Maple this bed is claimed most expensive in the world. Pricing for the bed starts at $38,000 and can go over a whopping $210,000, depending on the materials used. Designed by Abdolhay Parnian this luxury bed include built-in iPad holders, charging stations, pop-up and swivel TV, computer monitors, hidden compartments, gold and stainless steel detailing and custom handmade mattress options with all natural materials that include wool, cotton, latex and horsehair.

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A lot of people would be stupefied when hearing that this is the most expensive bed in the world.  It doesn’t seem so special when you first look at it. But wait till you see all the features it includes. Then you’ll agree that this a more than a bed, this is dream. Who wouldn’t like to have everything he or she needs right there, on the bed? There’s even a tv in there. If I has the financial resources I would definitely purchase this bed. I still think the price is a little exaggerated, but I would still considering buying one.

Right now I don’t know how many people actually have a piece like this in their home. Probably not many. I have to say this is a very good-looking bed. And I’m totally impresses by all the features incorporated. You can have a bed like this too. All you need is a lot of money.