The Wood Clock Dock

Due to modern technology which allows us so have several functions in only one product, we skip buying some products because they seem to become useless. Just think about your alarm clock. Do you have one? I am sure most of you don’t because you use your iPhone to wake you up.  This is a good alternative. After all, iPhone is a multi functional cellar and its alarm clock function is very similar to an authentic one. But there still are some imperfections. For starters, you don’t have a support for your iPhone, so it can stand up, and it is not protected from shocks. And you know best that early in the morning you are not delicate with the only noisy thing that wakes you up.

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This is why the Clock Dock was specially created for your iPhone. The support has an interesting stylish design. Having a wooden look, you can order it in different colors, such as cherry, maple and walnut. The Clock Dock has a built in charger and felt lining so it protects your phone from shocks. The Clock Dock is available for $49.

With the Clock Dock not only that you’ll protect your phone, but it will also be easier for you to see what time it is where you are lying in bed. The classy design fits any interior, from classical to modern. The slim shape makes it easy to transport.