The Woo-Wine For Lovers

Whines are one of the most select drinks and they are appreciated from many people. This is why today we can find lots of sommeliers, oenologists and tasters. People make festivals of whines and reserve special wine cellars for collection. Some of them even like to expose their wine collection in their own living room so that visitors can admire their refinement. If you are looking or a more unconventional way to expose your bottles, you should try the Woo-Wine.

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The Woo-Wine is a wooden and plexi support for wine, designed in 2007 for wine lovers and collectors. Each Woo-Wine has an 8 shape, or the shape for the sign of infinity, and can hook two bottles. With more Woo-Wine supports you can create your own geometrical figure created from wine bottles.

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This way you will keep your bottles safe and at sight and you will also create a contemporary design for accessorizing your living room. The Woo-Wine comes in different colors and you can combine more nuances for a joyful design.  The Woo-Wine set will be the main attraction of your living room or kitchen. This is a perfect present for private collectors and wine lovers.

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In the past wine was considered the drink of gods so today we can consider ourselves one of the lucky ones for being able to taste and collection some of those incredible drinks. This is why is our duty to keep our select bottles in special supports which have the power to highlight the bottle and to protect it.{found on behance}.