The WogWog Media System

The piece of furniture we will call ‘The Wog Wog 44’ is designed by Benny Mosimann. The ‘Wog Wog 44’ is a classic shaped furniture, combined with modern elements, therefore, I think it is suitable for any interior design.The sideboard has an oval form. That is good for your kid’s protection, if you have some.

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The dimensions of the sideboard are: 220 cm long, 51 cm high and 50 cm deep. It comes in three different covers: melamine white or black, plexiglass white or black, glass white or black. The feet of the sideboard are made from aluminum and are, of course, adjustable. The ‘WogWog 44’ sideboard is an elegant piece in white with aluminum feet for a sleek, clean look. Perfect both as a sideboard, or as a TV unit, the ‘Wog’ is pure in design with a lightning white finish to offer a bold statement in a designer piece.

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You can store different things in this furniture model, with two drawers where you can keep books, your CD collection, stamp collection, etc., and a shelf where they can fit larger items like vinyl collection, books, etc. It will serve you as a table where you can take a morning meal, enjoy a coffee and a cigarette. Even your flat screen television and electrical equipment can be integrated into a modern, country style design. The sideboard is perfect for a TV and your homecinema system.