The Wild Bodged Hand Made Chairs

There are many different pieces of furniture with designs that were inspired by shapes and forms found in nature. However, few of them maintain the natural beauty of the materials they’re made from as well as their raw appearance. The Wild Bodged Chairs are an exception.The chairs form a collection of hand-crafted seating objects that were designed by London-based Valentina Gonzales Wohlers.

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The goal was to focus on the appreciation of classic furniture and to create a unique, contemporary design that would impress but that would also give us an image of the unfolding design process. The concept is unusual, original and very interesting and so are the pieces of furniture resulted from it.The designer used raw Mexican materials and traditional craftsmanship to create the chairs. They have a dynamic look and, because of the strangeness of their design and shape, it’s difficult to integrate them into a category.

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They are definitely contemporary creations and interesting accent pieces for all sorts of environments. The chairs are crafted using wood and branches of all kinds, lengths and thicknesses. They have an organic design and form and, given the types of materials sued as well as the techniques, each piece is unique and presents details that are different from one chair to another. They have a sculptural look and were designed to serve mostly as decorative elements.