The White & White wall clock by Vadim Kibardin

Simple and modern, the White & White wall clock is a wonderful addition to any modern or contemporary home. Wall clocks have gained this reputation of accessory and decoration, features that are added to their primary functional use. There’s also the common belied that wall clocks are generally mechanical and not electronic. Still, this one is a nice change.

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I personally prefer this type of clocks. They are easier to read and they also have a more modern feel. The White & White clock also has a very simple design that makes it very versatile and easy to integrate in any décor. The White 7 White wall clock was the creation of Russian designer Vadim Kibardin. It’s a modern interpretation of the traditional digital clock. The clock is very simple. It shows time and nothing else.

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Moreover, even though it has a very simple look, the technology behind it is not that austere. The clock has a light sensitive sensor that allows it to change the brightness of the digits to a less intense white during the night. This way it’s more friendly for the eye. The digits of the clock are part of a single unit. They switch between two shades of white and two different intensities. Besides that, the clock only shows time. All you need to do is find a spot for it on the wall or even on a shelf and plug it in.