The Wheelbarrow Chair

I am sure you all have had your share of crazy ideas as kids and maybe some of you still have them, but I actually believe you need a lot of imagination to create these things. And the most brilliant idea is not to create something really complicated, but rather the opposite : to create something so simple that people would be puzzled how come nobody has thought of it before. It’s like being the inventor of the nail or of the wheel. Speaking of which – I saw this crazy chair that looked really comfortable and could be easily transported from one place to another. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that it was first a wheelbarrow.

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Just add some nice leather cushions to it and maybe a hard wooden lap table for the laptop and you have got yourself a lovely movable chair. When you get bored of sitting in one place, just grab its legs that support the chair and they will immediately turn into a wheelbarrow’s handles and this way you will be able to move the chair fast wherever you want to. Simple, yet effective. But I really don’t know how many of you wold actually buy or make one and really use it, though the idea might sound appealing.

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