The warm glow of a lamp

When you decide to change a classic object and try to make it look good, there is the possibility that not everybody likes it. In this case, the result is satisfactory and the child that will use the new lamp will definitely like it better than he did before. What Merrilee of Mer Mag did actually was to find a way to transform a classic lamp into a colorful one and at the same time, give the room a punch of color. How did she do it? With the help of a bright yellow spray paint, she turned it into a beacon of light.

Retro lamp beforeView in gallery

Retro lamp before1View in gallery

The way it is now, the lamp will definitely cozy up the atmosphere and invite the child to read by its warm glow more than it did before. This is just an example of an old thing that can be made to look good as long as you dare to do it and you have enough imagination. Maybe if we trusted ourselves more, we would be capable of adding even more life to the objects that surround us, those having a sentimental value and we cannot renounce. It is enough to see beyond your limits to get to have simple and at the same time inspirational results, like the useful lamp in the picture.