The Vicobello 3-Tier Fountain

When you have enough space and you allow a large and beautiful garden, you might consider giving it a more sophisticated air with a water fountain. They look so charming and beautiful and they bring good vibes, as the Chinese say the water is the perfect cure for those suffering from depressions or stress. You will see that it has an amazing effect on your general mental state, cooling you down and giving you peace of mind. Any way, apart from all this Zen stuff I like garden water fountains because they look nice and give a personal touch to your garden.

Cm FT 114 3751

You only need a water supply and the power to sprinkle the water again and again. Usually the water comes up at the top of the water fountain and then it splashes downwards in a beautiful cascading effect. The sound of it brings nature closer to home and makes you feel peaceful.

This particular water fountain is a three-tier one, meaning that it has three tiers – ranging from the smallest to the biggest where water splashes. It is made of bronze and has a very interesting patina that makes you think it’s pretty old. You can change the speed of the water flow and you do not need any plumbing for it, as the water re-circulates within the fountain. It is now available for $2,398.