The versatile X-pattern pillow

I don’t know about you but sometimes I enjoy sitting on the floor. It’s nice and cozy even though it’s not soft as a bed or a sofa. In those moments I could really use a pillow such as this one. This is the X-pattern pillow, a chic and versatile piece that is guaranteed to make your life pleasant and cozy.The X-pattern pillow is hand-fringed on two sides and this also makes it a very chic and beautiful product. It’s cozy and practical and it’s also a beautiful accessory for the home. The X-pattern pillow is an extremely comfortable product. Once side of the pillow is black while the other has a printed pattern.

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The great thing about the X-pattern pillow is that the dimensions are adjustable. This means you can make your pillow as big as you want. You can have a giant pillow for you to sit on while laying back on the floor watching TV or simply relaxing. You can also have chic small pillows to use as decorations.

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Obviously, X-pattern is not a regular pillow. It’s a very versatile product that can be adjusted to your needs. It’s an unconventional seating option but it would make a very chic and very comfortable addition to any modern or contemporary home. I would like to have it in the living room for example, as an optional extra seat or as an accessory when not used. It would also look interesting in the bedroom.The X-pattern pillow can be bought for $620.00.