The Versatile Multiplo Ultimate Home Furniture

Versatility and functionality are very important, especially in modern and contemporary homes. The focus in these cases is on simplicity so having a furniture set that can serve multiple purposes and that includes multiple functions is an ideal option. The talented and innovative members of Heyteam came up with a perfect example to illustrate this idea.

Versatility and functionality furniture5

Their team is composed of three partners and they’re each passionate about their contribution to the final project. Together they create user-friendly designs with respect towards the environment and the materials they use. They expertly combine form and function with an added touch of playfulness that makes all their projects unique.

Versatility and functionality furniture

Versatility and functionality furniture1

Versatility and functionality furniture2

Versatility and functionality furniture3

This modular system allows multiple different configurations to be created. For example, arrange the modules flat on the floor to create a comfortable bed or organize them in a square to create a safe and fun playground for the kids. Stack them to create a table or arrange in the shape of a couch with side tables.

Versatility and functionality furniture4

Mix and match the modules however you want and come up with your own configurations that suit your home and immediate needs. This system allows a room to change function in no time and this makes it perfect for tiny homes or for guest rooms.