The user friendly and versatile design of the Baumatic induction hob

Induction cooking has become a very important trend in the case of almost all modern kitchen designs. It presents several advantages. For example, by allowing you to directly heat a cooking vessel as opposed to using heat transfer like in the case of traditional cooking stoves, induction hobs are more energy-efficient and allow you to cook faster. It also allows instant control of cooking energy. These features along with several others describe this stylish induction hob from Baumatic.

Baumatic induction hobs ombra2r

The Baumatic induction hob has a very simple design. It’s also very comfortable to use and this makes it user-friendly. Its clean lines and minimalist design feature a very simple touch-sensitive control panel. You can easily operate it while enjoying the lack of unnecessary details that would result in a much more complex design. This piece is 77’ wide and it features two 2,30 KW induction zones plus two 1,40 KW induction zones.

Baumatic induction hob ombra2

The hob has 4 timers and 4 induction generators. It also features the pause function and a safety lock. And in case you want to customize its design, feel free to choose from the range of colors which includes white, red and black. Opt for a classical design or for something more eye-catching, depending on your preferences and on the rest of your kitchen’s décor. The Baumatic induction hob is very stylish and very versatile as it would look wonderful in a variety of kitchen, regardless if they’re small or large. Its user-friendly design is also a big advantage.