The Unlimited Space project by Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez

This expansive area is situated in the attic of an emblematic building that dates from the early 20th century. It’s located in Madrid, Spain and it proposes a new concept of living space. The project got the name of “Unlimited Space”, a very suitable choice. It was presented by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez.This innovative space was built in 2010 and the idea behind the project was to think at this space as a three-dimensional object. The space is very well organized. In fact, every one of the rooms or points of this unusual home can be located by specifying the coordinates. It’s a large but very well-organized space. The whole idea was to create a space where the inhabitants could move freely in just a few square meters. There are different heights and the inhabitants can move up and down whenever they want to.

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This project proposes a whole new concept. It’s a very roomy space. The colors and the interior design also help with that. The rooms are vast and spacious and there are numerous levels that create a seamless transition between the rooms. The special flexibility is a very important aspect and in this case in has been taken one step further. The rooms are bright as well as multifunctional.

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The project came from ASCER (Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Azulejos y Pavimentos Cerámicos – Spanish Association of Tile and Ceramic Flooring Manufacturers) that requested the creation of a new living concept. The main material used was ceramic.