The two new Rizon Jet Lounges and FBO-VIP Terminals by SHH

SHH had to design the two new Rizon Jet Lounges and FBO-VIP Terminals in London, England. The project was complicated and very complex. The client asked for a “a six star hotel reception with a comfortable lounge feel”. And indeed, this place looks extremely comfortable and pleasant to be in. Clients are invited to spend more time in there by the multitude or services and high quality look.

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There’s a strong emphasis on comfort and this is visible anywhere you look. The main space is a double-height volume divided into zoned lounges and a variety of privacy levels. The passengers first arrive at the west end of the hangar and are met by doormen in top hats and tails and a valet parking service. Then their luggage is immediately taken away and they can enjoy their favorite foods and TV programmes. The atmosphere is very relaxing and pleasant. The lighting system is adaptable and during the night the light becomes more gentle and intimate.

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Every lounge area has a distinctive look. Lounges five and six were conceived for those who want to spend more time there and who also have children in their company so there are Wii and Playstation consoled available. There’s also a contral coffee table with crayons and coloring books, reading books and board games, as well as a blackboard and chalk. Overall, it’s a very welcoming space where everyone can feel good, from families with children to those with business interests.