The Tudor collection by Jaime Hayon

The Tudor collection was created by Spanish designer Jaime Bayon for Established & Sons and it’s basically a collection of chairs and armchairs, all featuring approximately the same design with small adjustments. For example, there’s the same chair but with a different upholstery or with a different stitching or finish. Even though the chairs look exactly the same in terms of shape and dimensions, they are completely different one from the others.

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The Tudor collection features beautiful and elegant silhouettes, inspired by Henry VIII’s six wives. I’m not sure how they could have been the inspiration for a collection like this one, but let’s just leave it like that. Notice how the design of the chairs is simple and yet opulent in the same time. It’s an elegant collection, both modern and traditional.

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The shape and fine finishing are modern while the stitching inspired from traditional quilting is from another story. Nevertheless, the two elements work well together and the result is a very beautiful collection of simple, elegant and comfortable chairs that could be used for a variety of purposes. You can use them in the dining room, in the office, on the terrace or anywhere else.The Tudor collection also includes a series of storage cabinets, also with simple designs combined with the opulence specific to the 16th century. The cabinets come in two sizes, with 2 or three doors.Available here.