Trump International Tower – The First Step Towards A Revitalized Waikiki

A while back, a plan to revitalize the retail and hotel district of Waikiki, in Hawaii was set in place. It was a 2 million square foot redevelopment project which started with this impressive tower. It was named Trump International Hotel + Tower and it’s a 750,000 square foot structure which incorporates a total of 462 residential and hotel units.

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In charge of the project were Guerin Glass Architects, an international studio with a collaborative approach focused on creating client-based designs with refined characters and in perfect sync with their surroundings. They believe each project is deeply linked to its location, revealing the great importance of the surroundings.

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When designing the Trump Tower, the architects chose an interesting approach. They created a design inspired by the exotic scenery and infuse with traditional architectural motifs. At the same time, the overall design was modern and aimed at creating a harmonious connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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All these elements gave the project its own unique character and allowed the tower to be naturally integrated into the surroundings without standing out too much or taking a step back when it comes to new design techniques and contemporary architecture.

The 38-story building houses luxurious units oriented towards the ocean and with expansive views of their surroundings. The recessed exterior of the building and the use of diverse materials throughout are two elements that help give the structure a lightweight look despite its massive size. In addition, the facade also features a beautiful play of light and shadow.

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Inside the tower, in addition to all the luxurious residential units and hotel suits, there’s also a series of world-class restaurants, a lobby bar, a fitness center, an infinity pool on the 6th floor and a large parking space able to accommodate 220 cars.

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The interior is luxurious without being opulent, maximizing the panoramic views and aiming at creating an elegant and welcoming ambiance throughout.