The Tropical Angsana Velavaru Paradise In The Maldives

Angsana Velavaru is a wonderful resort found in the Maldives. As you can guess simply by the location, this place is stunning and luxurious. Here, in this incredibly stunning part of the world, everything was designed just to offer you a great experience, to allow you to relax and to forget about everything else. It’s like a little paradise on earth.

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The architecture and exterior designs give us a glimpse at the type of serene atmosphere that dominates this area. The term Velavary can be translated as “turtle island” and this gives us an idea of just how unique this resort really is. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and clear blue waters.

Angsana Velavaru Maldives

The beautiful sky above always complements the décor perfectly. Imagine yourself spending a few amazing days here and waking up in the morning just to see the ocean at your doorstep.

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The resort features a series of villas which were built in 2009. They circle the lagoon and they are all overlooking the ocean. They offer stunning views and offer unique experiences. The InOcean Villas are suspended over water and built on stilts while the rest of the island villas easily blend in with their coconut leaf roofs and minimalist architecture. The interiors, however, are very colorful and dynamic. The decors are modern and designed to offer you a very pleasant experience.