The Tree Bookcase

Considering nature and books are two of my biggest interests, the next item is a dreamy one, it’s a projects I’m jealous I didn’t think about thirst. I’m talking about the Tree Bookcase designed by Roberto Corazza. The product is a shelve case designed as a tree. The support is opened in both sizes. This is an advantage because it gives the impression of space and light when it’s fixed on the wall, on one hand, on the other hand it allows you to install in independently in the middle of the room. You will have access to the shelves from each side and it will not block the light.

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This bookcase is made from single-cast plastic case so it is easy to move and fix it wherever you want. Being made from a single piece it also has a uniform design and color and it is rigid. You mustn’t fear it will break or modify its shape under the book’s burden.

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The Tree Bookcase has a modern design which fit any contemporary playful room. The disposal of the shelves, which aren’t parallel with the floor, but irregular positioned, makes this bookshelf unique and gives a feeling of joy and need to play. For a more personalized design you may choose any color you think it suites your room, personality and mood. The Tree Bookcase makes you think about the tree of life or at ‘axis mundi’, the mythical centre of the world. After all, books are the fruits of the tree of wisdom.{found on yankodesign}.