The Toledo Sofa

They key to having a comfortable and inviting home is not just about the people that live inside but also about the furniture that they choose and the décor they create. There are several ways of creating such an environment. Let’s start with the sofa, that is usually one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. The sofa needs to reflect the entire house or at least the room it is in. It needs to be both comfortable to sit on and good-looking, since it’s usually part of the living room which is a public space.

Toledo sofa

One such sofa that respects those criteria is the Toledo sofa. It’s a very good-looking piece of furniture that has a classical design, both elegant and cozy. The sofa has a wooden frame that keeps everything together. It’s made of solid teak with rattan inlay and webbing. It also has comfy cushions and the upholstery comes in several different options.

The dimensions of the Toledo sofa are L2400 x D970 x H720. Because of the classical design and the clean lines, it would be easy to integrate in a traditional or in a modern décor. In case your home still needs some matching extra seats, you can also choose the chair, part of the same collection and featuring a similar design.The price it’s available on request.