The Tip Ton Chair by Barber Osgerby

We all know how important it is to have a comfortable chair while working. We also know we have the bad habit of leaning back and forth with our chairs. But here is a chair that combines those elements is a chic and minimalist design. This is the Tip Top Chair. It was designed by London-based design studio Barber Osgerby. It has a very simple design but apparently it can be very helpful with our health.

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The Tip Top Chair is basically a solid plastic chair. Nothing unusual so far. The chair also has a forward-tilt action that seems to be helping our health. I find the idea very ingenious and inspired. This way we get the tilting action we all love to perform with our usual chairs and the designers also found a way to turn that into a healthy habit. The reason why this design is special is because it straightens the pelvis and spine, this way improving the circulation to the abdominal and back muscles. I have no specialized knowledge in this field, but it sound pretty good to me.

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It’s surprising how such a simple design can make such a big difference in our lives. When you think about it makes sense. The chair basically forces the user’s body to stay straight and to work certain muscles and it seems quite simple. I also like the shape of the chair. It’s very simple and this makes it very versatile. You ca use it anywhere. It can make a great addition to the dining room where it’s important to have a nice and correct posture and it would be particularly helpful in the office.Available for 315$.