The Unique tête-à-tête Chair

The  chair in the picture definitely makes us think about the beautiful part of life, if we have left it behind for a moment. It provides that unique feeling that only a romantic aspect can bring. Just as the French term says it, the chair embodies the same idea, that of being together and even more, head-to-head, but the English words do not have the same power of expression.

Te a te chair

This chair is unique and everything seems to reveal this concept by John Derian; nothing compares to the cozy seating arrangement, which creates an intimate space and, at the same time, constitutes a definite conversation starter seated. Once you see it, you already picture yourself in its arms; nothing seems safer than the tapered legs stained in umber and trimmed with hand hammered nail finishes.

The Cisco Brothers proved such a careful attention to detail and use of sustainable and organic materials, that you cannot contest the high quality and the durable construction. This product made with soy-based foam, nontoxic glue and FSC certified domestic maple wood seems to exist for the enjoyment of generations and the price of $5.400 is not an obstacle. This tête-à-tête chair is definitely among the things that impress and make you want to own once you see them. It inspires high quality and comfort in a period when we feel that we do not spend enough time with the person we love, our best friend, our mother in front a cup of coffee or tea, but close to each other.