The “Tape” Trompe L’Oeil Floor Mat

A funny and creative doormat is a great way of welcoming your guests. You can put a smile on their faces right from the entrance, even before you get to answer the door. All you have to do is find a doormat with a funny and playful design. It can either have a funny shape or an interesting and unusual pattern. The tape mat is a more versatile item and it’s not specifically designed to be used at the entrance. It’s a creative and ingenious mat with a strange design and pattern.

Doormat unique

The Tape mat, as the name very well suggests, is an oversized version of a tape. It has a design representing this item very accurately and for a moment it even deceives the eye. It’s a funny piece with an unusual look. The Tape mat can be purchased at the price of $39.00. It’s a very clever alternative to a common rug. The dimensions of the Tape mat are 23’’l x 36’’ w. It’s a Trompe L’Oeil floor mat.

The photorealistic reproduction of the old-school tape is quite impressive. The design is printed on a tough micro-woven poly, backed with plush foam rubber. This way it won’t slip and the colors won’t fade in time. The mat can be used on all types of surfaces. Moreover, it’s machine-washable. The design is very ingenious. You can use the Tape mat anywhere from the entrance to the dining room, bedroom or office.