The Swing Table from Duffy London

When I was a kid I used to sit in the swing for hours , singing and reading and having a good time. Even adults like swings and they would love to spend time in one, as a reminder of their childhood or simply because it’s fun. Actually furniture designers took this thought seriously and designed a table that looks like a swing. I am talking about Duffy London where you can see the amazing Swing Table with eight chairs and a lamp hanging from the swing table support.

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If your living room is big enough you can place this interesting piece of furniture indoors, but you can use it outdoors as well. It is interesting and also practical, allowing eight people to actually “hang out” and makes your vacuuming really easy, as you won’t have to lift the chairs. The frame of this furniture project is made of steel and the tables and chairs of walnut veneer, which gives it a nice look and a sort of elegance. You can order one set in red, black or white and you can have it for 2995 British pounds.

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