The Sunrise Sofa from Brühl

Usually when discussing a particular piece of furniture we have only one design, maybe different sizes or models. In this case, the Sunrise Sofa is actually a concept rather than a specific design. The sofa was designed by Kati Meyer-Brühl and it has several different options and models.The Sunrise Sofa series is a collection of several different designs that are actually variants for the same piece of furniture. The idea was to sue the same base but different shapes and designs for the backrest and armrests. The range of sofa designs features artistic and architectural models and each one of them is unique and different.

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The models differ and they all feature different shapes and different color combinations. Any one of these models would make a wonderful and very beautiful addition to any modern or contemporary living room.

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The architectural shapes and vibrant colors make the sofas pop out. They make wonderful statement pieces. The designs and shapes differ and so do the colors. You can choose from a variety of colors and color combinations. There are neutral tones such as black, white and gray and vibrant shades such as red, orange blue, etc. You can either impress by means of color and by simply displaying the unusual and unique design of the sofa. The Sunrise sofas are real pieces of art and they are more than just comfortable furniture. All models are impressive and very stylish.