The sumptuous and elegant Wind canopy bed from Mazzali

Canopy beds are very imposing and have a royal allure as opposed to regular beds with small frames. Canopy beds are also very romantic. The curtains give them a mysterious appeal. Even without them, a canopy bed would be very imposing. The frame impresses with its dimensions. There are numerous types and variations of canopy beds. Some are closer to the traditional ones in terms of design and have intricate details carved on their frames and opulent accessories. Others are a little simpler.

Modern Black and White Canopy Bed Wind by Mazzali 1 554x782

This canopy bed, for example, is an adaptation of the traditional design and it’s suitable for modern spaces. The black frame is sleek and very simple. The lack of unnecessary details and decorative elements gives the bed a simplicity which makes it chic and stylish, given the influence chosen. It’s the perfect design if you want to bring some romance into your bedroom. The black frame is complemented by white curtain with a very nice and delicate texture and by white accents throughout.

The combination of colors is very simple, very basic and also very elegant and classical. It has a timeless beauty that suits this modern design perfectly. Designed by Mazzali, the bed is made of high-quality materials and it combined two very different influences into one harmonious and beautiful design. The hanging curtains emphasize the contrast of colors while also adding a very delicate allure to the overall design.