The Sumo pouf by Simon Legald

These cute pieces of furniture are the Sumo poufs. They are very practical and functional pieces that can serve as extra seats for guests and as a cozy footstool where you’re tired but you still want to spend more time in the living room watching TV. The Sumo poufs have a funny look and a funny but suggestive name as well.

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The poufs have a simple and compact design. They were the creation of Simon Legald who designed them in 2012 for Normann Copenhagen. It’s so simple and compact and yet much more complex. The poufs are made of wood, textiles and buttons. The materials have been playfully combined to form a friendly design. The robust look of the pouf is not at all intimidating. It looks very cute and friendly and it would even make a nice addition to the children’s room.

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The poufs combine function with style and the result is a perfect balance. The design is simple, minimalist even, except maybe for the buttons and upholstery. The pouf is also very friendly, an impression mostly given by the fact that it has no square shapes, all corners are soft and curved and the seat is soft and comfy. The Sumo poufs can be sued in the living room, bedroom, hall, even office. They are available in five different colors: black, gray, beige, purple and turquoise. Their overall dimensions are 40x65x45cm.