The Stylish Maison Drolet in Montréal, Canada

Maison Drolet is the name of a very beautiful and stylish residence located in Montréal, Canada. The project started in 2010 and it was finished the same year by la SHED. It consisted in the complete and radical transformation of the first two levels of a hundred years old triplex in the Plateau Mont-Royal. The area was turned into a large family apartment.

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Even though the interior has been dramatically changed, the exterior of the building has been voluntarily preserved. The façade of the building has been faithfully restored to its original look. Because of the linear layout of the residence, creating bright spaces and bringing natural light inside was difficult. However, the fact that the interior of the residence is mostly white helped in this case.

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The residence also got lots of new features during the transformation. The place got new stairs, beautiful wood-covered walls and a new kitchen. The interior is organized around a central open space. The materials used for the renovation have been deliberately left raw to increase the natural effect and to add warmth to the residence. The central open area also includes the stairs that have been designed as a sculptural element. The interior décor is minimalist, stylish and mostly black and white, with natural wood tones and subtle hints of orange and other bright colors used for accent elements.{found on archilovers}.