The stylish home of Danish interior designer Tina Offshore Wind

It’s always interesting to see how an interior designer would decorate their own home. It’s the essence of their personal styles and an opportunity to see their personal preferences in terms of interior décor. This is the home of Danish interior designer Tina Offshore Wind. It’s a very simple home with a very airy and bright interior.

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Each room has been designed in a way that emphasizes its beauty and with a décor that allows it to express its true form. All the rooms are bright and filled with natural light. They also seem spacious and very chic. The designer lives in a first floor apartment located in a villa situated north of Copenhagen. She shares this home with her husband and their lovely pet rabbit Thumper. At first Thumper seemed like a decoration and it seemed to be a natural part of the décor. The apartment has a casual look and it seems very comfortable.

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The designer decorated this place according to her style. She used very beautiful colors including earth tones, shades of gray, white rose and wooden tones. Each room has a different look. The furniture has been carefully selected for each space. The attention to detail is evident from the start. The airy décor was also the result of careful planning. Each piece of furniture has enough free space around it that allows it to contribute to an overall relaxing atmosphere.{found on Bo Bedre an pics by Kira Brandt}.