The stylish Daja sectional

Daja is another stylish piece of furniture from the Leolux collection. It was designed by Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss in 2011. It’s a new creation but even so it doesn’t really bring anything innovative or totally new. However, this doesn’t make it less beautiful or eye-catching. In fact, it’s a design with a common structure but with a rare flair and this makes it special.

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The Daja sectional has a very sleek and stylish look. It’s the perfect piece for a modern living room and the fact that it comes in gray only makes it easier to mix and match with the décor and the rest of the furniture. Not only that this is a very stylish and chic piece of furniture but it’s also very comfortable. It has been carefully designed and built around a robust outer shell. It also has soft but elegant upholstery.

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Daja is a luxurious sectional sofa featuring a harmonious composition and a subtle combination of strong bodywork and soft seats. The Dojo sectional is available in several different colors, all of them elegant and sober. Also, you can choose between fabric and fine leather. Two different seat depths are also available and they refer to the options of with or without cushions. The width also varies. Additional modular and matching elements can also be purchased such as the footstool, perfect for when you just need to relax and watch some TV.