The stylish and comfortable Kepler chair

Designing furniture is not as easy as it seems. It’s particularly tricky when several elements need to be included in the design and when the product needs to respond to some specific requests. This good-looking chair might seem simple but it fact it’s a very complex and complicated piece of furniture.

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Kepler is an electrically adjustable swivel chair. It’s one of those pieces that need to be both elegant and comfortable without sacrificing neither of those characteristics. It’s not a very specific piece of furniture. It’s more like a transition element. It’s something that resembles an office chair but is more than that. It’s also something very comfortable, just like the pieces you would expect to see in a living room. It might be difficult to find the right spot for this chair but one you do all you have to do is just lay back and relax in this incredibly comfortable chair.

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The back and the footrest are both adjustable but independently and this allows you to set the exact angle for each of them and to make it adapt to your body. The controller is placed under the arm with a magnet, where it’s easy to reach. The rotating foot of the chair comes in standard brushed aluminum. The frame is made of steel and the upholstery is fine brown leather. The Kepler chair was designed in 2005 by Scooter & Partners and it’s still a very appreciated design.