The Stamboldžioski Dental Studio by Enota

This modern dental studio is an annex to a private home located in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. It’s a residential community mostly populated by single-family homes. The studio was attached to the main house but both their exterior and interior design as well as he internal structure are very different. It was a project by Enota and it was completed in 2010.

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The annex occupies an area of 175.0 square meters. It’s situated on the ground floor and has a floor area that’s more than double the size of the house. Ironically, it’s the main house that appears to be an annex. The studio was built on a slope and it has a large portion that’s dug in. It’s an element that allows it to have a less imposing presence and to less distract the attention from the house. It’s also a detail that helps it easily integrate into the residential environment of the area.

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The also help it integrate into the surroundings, the architects opted for a green roof. The studio has a separate entrance and a very different internal structure and décor than the main house. Because it’s mostly inserted into the ground, the studio also requires very little energy for heating and cooling. The trees provide shade during summer and the glass areas provide lots of natural light for the interior.{found on archdaily and pics by Miran}.