The stackable Clessidra wooden stool

Stools are ones of my favorite pieces of furniture. They are extraordinarily versatile and they can be used in situations when any other piece of furniture would be useless. Today we found a very simple but very special design that we would like to share with you. It’s called Clessidra because of its shape that resembles an hourglass. The stool was designed by Mario Botta for Riva 1920.The Clessidra stools are unique because of their shape and technique that was used to create them. Each stool is crafted from a single block of fragrant cedar-wood.

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Little by little it takes the shape of an hourglass-like figure. The block is sculpted using a unique procedure. It’s worked till it takes the original form that you see in the pictures. It looks almost like two hemispheres are balanced on each other. It’s such a minimalist and yet intriguing design.


Stackable Wooden StoolView in gallery

The Clessidra stools also have another unique features that distinguishes them from other designs. The stools can also be stacked one on top of the other. This way yo get an original sculpture and a very interesting piece of furniture. It’s a decoration when stacked and functional stools when taken apart. The stools can be stacked on request. A metal pin can be inserted into the center of the seat and this allows the user to place the stools one top of the others. It’s interesting and it’s also a great and innovative storage solution.