The S&T office from Wellington, New Zealand

Located in Wellington, New Zealand, this new office was originally an old building with historic value. The building was beautiful and historically-significant but it was also outdated. So when the Stephenson & Turner architects decided to make it their new office, they had to make some major and significant changes.The office covers a total area of 500.0 square meters and it was completed in 2011.

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The multiple award-winning design studio assigned a team to reconfigure the space and to turn it into a modern office with sustainable architecture and a team-oriented design. The office’s interior was designed to encourage teamwork, interaction and social activities. Originally, the building was a compartimentalized space divided into several small zones. When reorganizing this space, the architects created an open area and the screens and partitions were removed.

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The interior is now a large, open and airy space with lots of natural light coming through the windows. The office is also a modern space featuring a bold and vibrant color palette that includes shades of purple, green and blue. The timber floors were preserved and they provide a nice contrast with the colorful carpets while also creating a warm atmosphere. The textures are also contributing to the overall cozy look. There are also some other features that have been preserved, aside from the old timber floors. They include elements such as the brick walls or the open trusses and they are testimonies to the building’s 110 year old history.