The Spun Table Lamp by Jonah Takagi

The Spun Table Lamp is a nice table lamp designed by Jonah Takagi, a young Japanese-American designer.The lamp consists of a tripod of steel painted in three bright colors, yellow, orange or green, and a round hat in satin aluminum. Its shape is complemented by a nice little ball hanging from the cable for the ignition and colored in shades contrasted with the base.

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It’s a very simple piece and yet it looks odd.  The combination of shapes and materials is a little strange…and the colors too. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Odd designs are often more appreciated than the usual ones. They have something special, something unique that you can’t define and yet that looks attractive.

The Spun Table Lamp by Jonah Takagi2

This table lamp has that je ne sais quoi that we keep hearing about and that is so hard to define. I think in this case the strange thing is the shape. It looks like  little stool and not like a lamp. Be careful not to confound it with an actual stool and to sit on it because it’s not going to be a pretty image. Anyway, it’s a strange design, but that’s not everything there is to say about it.

Let’s not forget that it is a lamp so the functional aspect is also important. As a table lamp I would say it satisfies the demands. The design is still questionable.