The Spoon Chair by Philipp Aduatz

Have you ever imagined yourself being so tiny that you could fit in someone’s pocket or even in a spoon? I sometimes think that. Given the size of our planet and the fact there are so many giants out there, one of those planets might be populated by creatures that we perceive as giants and that we would be, in fact, tiny. You could exercise your imagination too if you had a piece of furniture such as the Spoon Chair.

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The chair was created by Austrian designer Philipp Aduatz and it really looks like a large spoon. Of course, the shape and design of the inspiring object have been modified and the chair is merely a stylized version that only borrows the image from the object we all use in the dining room. The Spoon Chair is an innovative creation that not only intrigues us with its resemblance to the object that gave its name but that also uses an interesting principle.

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The Spoon Chair was created by modifying the principle of the cantilever. In this case, the lever, instead of reaching horizontally, extends upward and loops around over the top and back towards the center. This way the loop supports its own weight as well as that of the person using the chair. IT’S an interesting new direction and a very interesting design as well. The chair has a fluid and continuous design with very delicate curves and bends. It would be a unique accent piece and a sculptural decoration as well as a functional seating unit for contemporary spaces.