The space-saving Secretary Flatmate by Michael Hilgers

When you live in a small place and you hardly have the space for a bed and a table it’s difficult to find room for a work area. You usually have to improvise. However, there are alternatives. Some designers focused specifically on this type of situations and created pieces like this ones. This is a space-saving unit that’s perfect for narrow hallways or small rooms.

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This is a very functional piece of furniture that measures only 13 cm in depth. It can basically be squeezed anywhere you have some free space. The unit has a very practical and versatile design and can fit and match in a variety of decors. It has a great interior that allows you to store all sorts of items inside the compartments. It also allows you to keep everything organized without using too much space. The design is simple and classical and, even though it might not seem very sturdy or stable, the unit has none of those problems since it can be placed against the wall or any other vertical surface.

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The overall dimensions of this unit are W 71 x D 13.2 x H 113.5 cm. The worktop measures W 71 x D 42 cm and it can be used only when needed, the rest of the time serving as a cabinet door. The unit is made from birch plywood and powder-coated steel and it has melamine-coated shelves. It weights 30 kg and it was designed as a clever alternative for small apartments.{found on site}.