The Sorbonne Desk Like The One From Your Favorite Boutique Hotel

There are plenty of interesting desk designs out there and it would be unfair to even try to compare them. Each piece of furniture is unique in its own way. However, this particular desk has a very distinctive shape that would be easy to recognize anywhere. This is the Sorbonne desk and it reminds a little of those desks you might have seen in certain boutique hotels.

The Sorbonne Desk Like The One From Your Favorite Boutique HotelView in gallery

The Sorbonne desk has beautiful lines and gracious silhouette. It combines a stylish and chic design with the seriousness of the purpose it was designed for. This is a desk that you can use whenever you need to have some work done and you’ll be able to do that in style. Use the Sorbonne desk in your living room, studio, work area, bedroom or wherever you have some free space.

The Sorbonne desk has been handcrafted and hand painted by Hotel Maison. It’s made of black-stained wood with white leather insets on top. It includes three drawers, very practical for storing items such as office supplies, paper, pens or anything else you might find useful. The dark finish looks really nice in combination with the brass hardware. The result is a lovely rustic design. The dimensions of the Sorbonne desk are 54″W x 30″D x 30″T. You can but this elegant piece of furniture for $1,849.