The Solo Teen House Concept

The Solo Houses concept supposes a series of vacation homes designed by some young international designers who succeeded to revolutionize both architecture and UK holiday rentals. Caza Pezo is part of this concept, being a unique piece that occupies a dominant position in a singular landscape, a horizontal figure separated from the ground. It is impossible not to be attracted by this building, by its form and location.

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From the outside, we have the picture of a structure, which is sculptural, unitary and monolithic, supported by a podium, while the inside offers the image of transparent and symmetrical rooms, which are articulated by open corners. What seemed to be a daring project turned into a beautiful home with original elements that make you realize the designer’s concern to come up with something new and fresh.

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Who could have thought about a room without roof? It is as if the pool reflects the image of the sky and the surrounding walls protect everything around. What is supposed to serve as balcony or porch reveals the perfect place where you can spend time with friends and family or just enjoy your free time in a pleasant environment.

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The entire construction is a model of modernity, with an original shape, placed in a unique environment that makes us think about future and what design is about to become in the next few years. It is definitely a revolutionary concept and a singular vacation home!