The soft and elegant Souk Rug

It’s always nice to walk barefoot and to feel the texture of the rug with your feet. It’s a very nice sensation that you can’t experience otherwise. The Souk rug allows you to experience that sensation with style. The Souk rug is an interpretation of a traditional Moroccan Berber. It has a simple design and a rectangular shape.

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The Souk rug is handcrafted from New Zeeland wool. It’s both soft and elegant. The texture is very pleasant to the touch and the design is also beautiful. Given the casual look of the rug, as well as the simple design and neutral color, this item would make a nice addition to the living room or bedroom. The rug is hand woven and made from 100% high pile wool. The colors are ivory and graphite. The geometrical pattern is simple and easy to match with everything.

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Besides the color and texture, another element that makes the rug look casual is the design for the ends. The rug features hand-braided tassels on both ends. The Souk rug can be purchased at prices between 4.81 and 47.29 euros. The rug pad is recommended but sold separately. Moreover, the rug comes in several different sizes: 3’w x 5’l, 5’w x 8’l, 8’w x 10’l and 9’w x 12’l. The great advantage is the texture and the beautiful design. The rug is also easy to clean. You should vacuum regularly to prevent dust and crumbs from setting into roots or fibers.