The Snövsen desk lamp by MadeByWho

A desk lamp doesn’t need to be fancy or overly accessorized. Its main priority is to be practical and functional. Ideally, it would also take little space and it would have a simple and versatile design. The Snövsen lamp meets these criteria perfectly. It’s a minimalist lamp designed to be used in home offices, libraries and other similar spaces.

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The lamp was a creation of Danish design studio MadeByWho. It has a very simple design and it’s made from a mixture of circles and squares, two basic geometrical shapes.The result is a very charming desktop lamp that impresses with its simplicity. It’s made from four Danish maple wood pieces that were used to create the support structure. Then there’s also a thin painted ceramic shade. The angled structure ensures that the light gets dispersed properly and provides the user with the extra light he needs.

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The lamp has a single bright LED. This makes it cost-efficient, sustainable and, considering all the other materials and the thin shade, very lightweight. It has a very clever and functional design. The wooden structure has a natural finish and this gives it a rustic and casual charm.The combination of materials is simple and efficient. The shade comes in several colors and all the models are very versatile both in terms of colors and design.