The Smallest Home In Italy, Renovated And More Inviting Than Ever

When searching for a home, whether it’s a house or an apartment, small places are not usually on anyone’s list. In these cases, tiny homes are avoided. However, there are exceptions and cases when you’d be lucky to be able to buy a small home that looks like this.

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This tiny place is located in Rome and it’s Italy’s smallest home. It has a surface of only 75 square feet but it’s surprisingly spacious. Renovated by architect and designer Marco Pierazzi, the apartment is situated steps away from St. Peter’s Square and it has a very inviting interior.

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The building in which the apartment is located was built in the 1700s so it’s an old and historic structure. The building has been renovated and turned into a more modern space that still features most of the original details.

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This tiny apartment belongs to the architect that renovated it. He rents it from time to time to friends who visit the city. It’s a very lovely and inviting nook which is perfect as a temporary home. However, it would be difficult to imagine yourself living full time in such a small space.

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Before Renovations!

Formerly property of the abbey of st peter in chains it looked like an hgtv nightmare mold and rot invaded the wooden beams plaster fell in chunks from the walls it was in shambles

The house had been abandoned for many years before pierazzi discovered the place on sale and bought it in 2010

The apartment has a modern kitchen equipped with the basics: stovetop, sink and storage space. The dining table is small and it folds out from the wall so it doesn’t take up space when not needed. The bedroom and living area can be accessed via a staircase and a trapdoor can be closed to avoid accidents.The key to this beautiful and functional interior design is expandable and multipurpose furniture. It’s a great way to save space without sacrificing function.{found on businessinsider}.