The simple and practical Blomus wine rack

When you have some precious wine bottles that you’re really proud of you obviously want to find a way to display them. However, you don’t want to use too much space for that. This requires a compromise. But if you’re clever, you won’t have to sacrifice anything. That’s because the Blomus wine rack allows you to stylishly display your wine bottles while taking very little space.

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Blomus is a wall-mounted wine rack. It has a very simple and classy design and the best part is that it’s very convenient for any space. It only takes very little wall space, no floor space and it can be placed anywhere you have some free room. It’s a very practical and convenient way of displaying your wine bottles and it also look beautiful and classy. The wine rack has to be attached o the wall. It hooks to the wall in three places and this allows it to be safe and secure.

The Blomus wall-mounted wine rack holds 8 bottles of wine and they are displayed horizontally. This is not a design meant to be used for long term storage as the horizontal angle might be a little too extreme. However, it’s a great temporary solution. It allows you to store but also to display your wine bottles, it’s easy to install and it takes little space. If anything, it allows you to fill up some empty wall space with something practical.Available for 67$.